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What We Stand For

The Principles That Guide Us As Citizen-Carpenters

As trade unionists and citizens, we are focused on improving industry standards and employment opportunities for union carpenters and the small and large businesses that employ them. Our advocacy is centered on a simple and abiding motto: "When carpenters work, New Jersey works."

Our guiding principles:

  • Development of intelligent labor laws that serve honest workers and honest employers by raising construction industry standards and making the industry safer for all workers

  • Fighting against employer payroll fraud in construction so law-abiding businesses can secure work without facing competitors who illegally lower their labor costs

  • Take advantage of our competitive rate structure to capture work in emerging markets.

  • Preserving New Jersey’s prevailing wage law standards to ensure that our states’ commitments to fair labor standards endure

  • Fighting for sensible and sustainable capital construction programs that create jobs and stimulate the economy, like school construction, bridge improvements and other transportation infrastructure projects

  • Protecting the Carpenter trade jurisdiction against legislative proposals that weaken our members’ ability to secure work, such as right-to-work initiatives

  • Invest in Communities. Our members are residents of the communities in which you build. They want to have more work opportunities and can help educate and inform their community leaders on the value your projects will bring to their neighborhoods.