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Member Information Exchange (MIX 20/20)

The Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters offers Member Information Exchange (MIX 20/20), an automated job-dispatching system. This is a fast, efficient way to get people to work.

Councils across the U.S. use MIX 20/20 to provide UBC members with 24-hour access to information from their Regional Councils and Local. Using a touch-tone phone, you will be able to hear important news and local announcements by union officials.

Using a landline or your cell phone, you will be able to access and/or update your own personal information such as Out of Work status, Out of Work date, Telephone Reach Numbers, Work Areas and a list of skills for which you are qualified. you must use the system to add yourself to your Local's referral list or you will not be eligible to receive job calls from the automated system or a Council Representaive. If you are a a member in ARREARS, the system WILL NOT dispatch you.

In addition, if you miss a job call and the position is still oopen, you can accept the jon by calling the MIX 20/20 line at 1(800)735-1829.

Mix 20/20 uses voice prompts and recorded messages to let you choose the desired menu options. To Access other features of MIX 20/20, simply listen to the voice prompts and make the desired selections.

Getting Started...


  1. Submit your completed skills form 

    Visit the union office to fill out a form or download from our website at home, print it out and mail it to our office.

    For Local 253 Out of Work List inquires, please call 1-855-273-1563

    Submit your completed Skills Questionnaire to:
    Local 253's Office
    91 Fieldcrest Ave., Suite A22
    Edison, NJ 08837
    - or -
    EASRCC - Central Dispatch
    1803 Spring Garden Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19130
    Fax: (215) 569-0263

  2. Register by phone

    Your initial PIN# will be the last four digits of your SSN. You will be asked to change it. Record your new personal PIN # on your MIX Wallet Card for safe keeping.

    REMEMBER! You must register at least every 30 days to maintain your place on the referral list while you are out of work. Failure to do this will result in REMOVAL from the OOW List, and loss of your OOW date on the 31st day. 

  3. Answer your phone

    If you do not pick up, the system will try to leave you a voicemail, Make sure you have your mailbox set up and it has room for messages.

    Please be aware that some cell phone carriers have services that can interfere with the receipt of Dispatch calls. Deactivate “Music On Hold” or any similar answering service from your phone provider. MIX20/20 thinks this is an “answer” and will begin the dispatch process.


Calling In To Mix 20/20

Using a touch-tone phone, dial the MIX 20/20 toll-free number. 1(800)735- 1829 You will hear…

“Welcome to MIX 20/20, Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters member information exchange...”

“Please enter your Member ID:”

Using your phone’s number pad, enter the numeric portion of your UBCJA Member ID or Social Security Number.

The first time you use MIX, your PIN will be the last four (4) digits of your Social Security Number. You will be asked to choose a new PIN which can be any four-digit number EXCEPT for the last four digits of your SSN. You can change your PIN at any time, but if you forget it, you’ll need to have it reset by a Council Administrator. 

“Now Enter Your PIN:”

Once you’ve logged in successfully, MIX will ask you to speak your name. You may record just your first name or your full name. When you call in the future, MIX will then speak your recorded name back to you. Also, MIX will ask if you want to register your phone as the primary phone you will be using to contact MIX. You do not have to enter your Member ID to access MIX when calling from a registered phone; you will only need to enter your PIN.


PRESS 1 for Job Dispatch

You will need to know the Job ID number to be able to hear details and accept or decline a job. Please jot it down when MIX 20/20 calls you initially with the job details.

PRESS 2 for Out of Work Status

You can add or remove yourself from the OOW list. MIX will automatically update your renewal status each time you call in. You MUST renew your OOW status at least every 30 days to be considered for Job Dispatch.

PRESS 3 for Council & Local News Announcements

Hear news recordings from the regioncal council or your local.

PRESS 4 for Member Information


* Dues Status


* Review Telephone Numbers

* Rerecord Your Name

* Change Language Preference

* Enable/Disable Texting

PRESS 5 for Dispatch Information


* Skills

* Work Areas

* Job Information

PRO TIP: Save 1-800-735-1829 in your contacts as 'EASRCC Dispatch' so you know when a job call is coming in.


MIX 20/20’s Easy to Use Online Tool


Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenter members can use Mix 20/20’s Online website to review their personal contact information, membership status, out-of-work status, work skills information, dispatched work history and MUP credits.

You will need your UCB ID# and the four digit PIN you set up the first time you called into MIX 20/20. If you do not have a pin or have never used MIX 20/20 before, please try the last four digits of your social security number.

To login to the website, go to https://www.mix2020.com/member/eas/ and enter your UBC ID# and four digit PIN .

Please be aware that you can make some changes to your record online but not all changes. If you have questions about your record, please submit a new skills form, or contact the Local 253 Dispatch Office to speak to a representative.