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Why Union Carpenters

In today’s construction industry, productivity plus flexibility equals success. TheEastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters knows this. When you become a signatory contractor with the KML Carpenters, you have taken the first step towards building a strong partnership with one of the largest skilled labor unions on the east coast.

From the moment you choose Union your business will benefit from strength and resources of our Council.

  • Tap into our large regional network of industry partners including developers, architects, construction managers and general contractors - all who can provide access to more bid opportunities.

  • Leverage the flexibility of our Centralized Dispatch System to capitalize on projects of all size and scale. Regardless of your geographic area, thousands of highly skilled professionals are a phone call away.

  • Take advantage of our competitive rate structure to capture work in emerging markets.

  • Access to our Citizen Carpenter Program, which seeks to educate public officials on the benefits of engaging union carpenters on construction projects in their communities, by mobilizing our membership to support projects put forth by our contractor partners.

  • Leave the training to us. All of our carpenters complete a rigorous 5-year apprenticeship program that incorporates the latest safety regulations and skills in the curriculum.

  • Journeyman stay current on emerging technologies in our journeyman upgrade courses.

  • Invest in Communities. Our members are residents of the communities in which you build. They want to have more work opportunities and can help educate and inform their community leaders on the value your projects will bring to their neighborhoods.

  • When you hire a Union Carpenter, you are hiring a person who has honed their craft with years of skills training and on-the-job experience. They are top-notch mechanics who will bring their professionalism and commitment to quality to your job site every day. When you partner with the KML Carpenters, you can be assured that you will have a steady flow of qualified manpower, your deadlines will be met and your productivity will be high.